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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blog #25 Life After

My two important APs are over :) Yes I still have to take microeconomics next week, but we all know no one is going to study for that. So, senior year is basically a cruise from here on out. A couple unfinished projects that need attending to and a couple neglected friends that need to be shown how to have fun. I am thoroughly exhausted from my week and am proud to say I slept for a solid twelve hours last night. Regardless of the matter I am extremely relieved and happy to say we have TEN DAYS of high school remaining haha. It is a very happy occasion, but also a very depressing time as well. I know in these last ten days it is seriously the last time we as the class of 2011 will be together. We gave SMH a good run.

Now to the normal subject topic of APs, I probably either just passed or failed both of my APs this week. (Senioritis) They both played the same exact trick on me. Dirty little devils both had simple Multiple choice problems and then the hellish free response. I literally sat down smiling during the Multiple choice and then cried during the later half of the test. It wasn't that I froze or was freaking out, I really just had no idea what I was doing. In reference to my caring about the exams and my previous blog post I feel as if I cared enough for a three, but maybe didn't execute at an optimal level. Its whatever, I'm glad I am just going to graduate and never have to worry about APs again. College midterms and finals can wait because for once I am going to enjoy this great triumph over the eight Aps I took over the years...

The Reflection

APs APs you are done in my eyes,
I don't care for another surprise,
I fail and you smile,
I pass and you cry for awhile.

You are no friend of mine so go away,
theres no chance in hell I'd want you to stay,
in my life from day to day,
Get the hell out and stay away.

APs APs we had a good run,
You remind me of burning in the sun,
My back all red and my skin on fire,
To say I'd miss you would make me a liar.

Begone and never rear your ugly face,

Cause now my life is an easy-going race.

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