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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog #24 May 1st Realizations

So it is the end of senior year and there is literally a month left in school. These days are supposed to be some of the best of my life, but i can't help but feel a little despair. For one APs are coming up, homework is still at an all-time high, and I just don't have the energy nor drive to do any of it. Fun is laying out in the sun, or preparing for the summer with friends... Summer hasn't started yet haha

So the realization that AP week literally starts tomorrow still has yet to hit me. Hopefully it does tomorrow when my first exam starts at 8 AM. But, the real realization is that none of the APs I am taking will help me in any way towards colleges other then canceling out electives I plan to take for fun anyway... The realization is that my entire senior year's worth of work seems to have been a waste of time better spent making memories with friends rather then having dates with my textbooks on the regular. That textbook never stops talking... May 1st is a very bad day. It is depressing because I know I may never see half of the people I run around with everyday at school, and it showed how I could definitely spent my last year in a much more enjoyable fashion.

I don't like May 1st, I don't like AP week starting tomorrow, and I damn well don't like knowing that I am absolutely unprepared for my tests to come this week. Hopefully my guessing ability is on key and I can pull up some bullshit to back up the Free Responses. AP Chemistry Monday, BC Calculus Wednesday, and AP Micro the following Thursday. Pray teachers have heart and don't kill us with homework and pray that the tests are semi easier then expected. When in Doubt put C!

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