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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blog #22 AP Stress

APs o APs are on their way,
neither here nor there can I stay,
I pace and pace and achieve none,
AYYY I feel accomplished with a one.

Study Study Study,
Can't stop listening to Kid Cuddie,
The attempt to read books out in the sun,
Is a failure in the eyes of this one.

Its raining and cold in late April,
The foreshadow for the terrible tests to come,
It feels like its time to tear open a staple,
And crush those packets to become alumn.

APs o APs why don't you go burn in hell,
Really this late in senior year?
I already give in ring the bell,
The next few weeks are coming near...

The day after APs there will be a loud cheer,
Cause then there will be nothing to fear!


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  2. Is it polite to laugh? Of course, Ah feel your pain, dear student.