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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog # 21 A Decent Proposal

So I was roaming my future college campus the other day when I noticed a very peculiar sight. It was not illegal, it wasn't hugely noticeably, nor dangerous in itself. As I continued on my expedition I noticed this phenomenon again and again. Those damn red plastic cups were everywhere! I am no Environmental buff, but I am pretty sure that red plastic cups don't dissolve in rain or pick themselves up! It was a serious issue in my eyes. And again when I saw a dumpster there were mountains of these red little devils just hanging out. Plastic doesn't go away.

The stereotypical college partier is generally a 18-20 year old male with an untouched shirt that is wrinkled with a red plastic cup containing liquid. The plastic cup totally masks the fact that a beer is contained within the walls of that red fortress of fun. Either way most college parties have a few essentials to begin, light snacks with chips and dip, the proper refreshments, ping pong balls, a beer tap, and generally Red Cups. For even my birthday party in eigtht grade I had to buy red cups to hold soda. They're just convenient. But, on a college campus where do these cups generally end up? In the trash where they'll sit and be transported to the dump and just sit there, or they will find their place outside on the streets cold and alone. My proposal involves a college noticing these facts and to somehow strike a profit from this easily countered situation. It promotes less pollution, and less plastic.

First, give people the incentive to collect these cups. A dollar for every fifty or so cups. Second, have easily accessible collection centers, aka the dining halls or main campus lobby. Third, Recycle those cups. Fourth, resell them to the general public at college centers for a less then market price. Easily done and it costs less for the college to pay workers to clean the campus. Winners all around.

Just think of the endless positive. Red cup classrooms, re cup phones! animals don't get their heads stuck in cups and die, and cash money for the college. Go Green or Go Home. Colleges need to recognize haha

But on the serious note, there was a lot of trash to be picked up, and solutions need to be made.


  1. and try not to post red cup photos on facebook...

  2. I didn't Mrs. Healey no worries haha