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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog #18 AYYY Seniors, 4th quarter!

The end is finally near. I for one am just about ready to cheer.
We attend school and laugh, but inside we quake and we gasp.
College is just around the bend, and together we will no longer stand.

One more quarter of tests, homework, quests, and of me and my friends being together for the last time in four years. There probably will never be an occasion again in my life where I will feel the unity our class has built up over the last four years. This year I have become friends with some pretty unique individuals who I honestly never spoke to until this year. I am sad to say it took me three years to meet these people, I am even sadder to say that I may only get to see them for this final quarter.

The impact senior year has had on me is that the first Day of school when teachers said it will fly by, I thought they were full of it. Now looking back I should have listened to them. This year shot by in the blink of an eye. I feel as if I have not taken full swing and hit the fence with my effort to make this year one to always remember. This is it, the final quarter of high school and where I have lacked so far I plan to fill in the gaps. Sorry school work you are now going to have to take a back seat because I am going that extra mile to make sure my friends do not miss the time I should give to them.

This fourth quarter I will dedicate myself to remembering the last four years and to making sure I don't forget anyone who was a part of them. One quarter left, lets FSU Seniors (Florida State University)
What do you plan to do with your last quarter of high school/ what did you do?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Assesment

Blog Assessment
            I have been reviewing my stats sheet daily for about a week now hoping and praying for it to change. Sadly it has not, but we will get to what I gravely found out later in this assessment. To begin I really enjoy this blogging experience, I have never done anything so open or free from criticism. It seems as if people are always kind and respectful when commenting on or viewing the blogs I have posted. With this in mind it is still an assignment that I could do without, but the choice between this or a handwritten piece each week is a pretty simple and easy choice. I would go Blogging all the way!
            My readership according to my charts is about the same. By month, my average remains equal except in December when we only blogged once for about four weeks. The month of March looks promising to say that I will probably hit about one hundred and fifty views. If I ever breach two hundred it will really make my day. I am not one hundred percent what keeps the consistency of the mid hundred views a month, but the possibility is that I may have frequent viewers who check it about once a week and never do any less or more checks then that. I will say that the first poem I wrote definitely crushed in its d├ębut and the first day I got about twenty views. I think the subject matter came into play as well because when I was trying to focus on States I needed to blog about it because it was really all that was on my mind, needless to say I probably received less than ten views of it. The beer pong post received great recognition, probably because my readers are mostly young teens or my friends from school, I do not get any comments from them because I am scared of how vulgar their words may be. With that in mind my readership has reached new bounds and has been viewed in ten countries which I think is pretty cool.
            My popular posts screen… The one thing I dreaded because I feel it will hurt my grade. Well either way MY MOST POPULAR POST was the one about beer pong… I am sorry Mrs. Healey first off, and second that maybe my readers are as simple-minded as myself. Either way it does tell me I have a young audience and that they find the game interesting enough to view the blog sixty-eight times. No surprise, my second most viewed post was my first and favorite poem, “A Dream Far Off”, which was about senior week and the glory to come. Third was the blog that reflected on Michael Vick. These three topics are very widely known and something everyone has an opinion so there is no surprise they were the top three. Also, I believe they were my best written and the ones I took the most time on.
            My referring sites and keyword searches very much disappoint me. Three out of the four top keywords searched are ones that refer to the beer pong blog, and only one to the poem one. I would really have rather had the poem acclaim more stats then the beer pong one. The referring sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Google which I believe is normal because I post on facebook sometimes about the blogs I write, I’ve heard there have been a few tweets about it, and well Google can get you anywhere.
            All in all I believe I deserve a 90-94% ranged grade. Not because I have a lot of views, but because I completed the assignments and enjoyed doing them. I am really not in it for the page views, I am in it to write about something that interests me and if people read it then cool, if not I feel better having written something that has the opportunity to last a lot longer then I will.
            What I learned about audience is that I have a really young audience and that some of the more in depth posts about sexism and what not probably went above their heads. When I wrote about beer pong they were tuned in completely… I do not know how I will use this yet, but if I ever do I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out. I think I found my voice when I write by being able to do these blogs.

posted late, but turned in my paper copy early

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog #17 Refreshed from Research

There are always those couple of bumps in the road that you know are coming each school year. For some they are tests, sports, SATs, College acceptances, and research papers. One of the huge bumps for me was this research paper and I am taking full advantage of having this weekend to celebrate being finished my final major research paper of high school and the fact I turned eighteen on Thursday. With this research paper out of the way all that is left is finding a prom date and AP tests and then all the hardships of high school are at their end.

Even with this paper out of the way Monday starts an entirely new bump beginning a new chapter of math to prepare for the AP Test, final practices for Fashion Show are this week, and my first Volleyball game is on Tuesday. Regardless of all of that, today and tomorrow I do not care about any of that stuff. I am going to sleep and I am going to love not having to worry whether my paper is perfect or not.

This is a very short blog because I am exhausted from a couple late nights during the week and my brain is fried by all the tests I also took throughout the course of this week. How does everyone feel about being done their research papers?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog #16 St. Patrick's DAY!!!!

There are those certain holidays that everyone just loves. Christmas, Halloween, and maybe even Valentine’s Day for the lucky couple, but then there are those ‘Sub-holidays’ that some people just do not get excited about. Some include Columbus Day, Mothers and Fathers days, Labor Day, and just about the feast day of every saint. Well it just so happens that this Thursday is a holiday that I feel people need to get pretty hyped about. For one thing green is my favorite color, and Shamrocks just plain look awesome. Not to mention my Birthday Lands on this day, but that’s a story for another time.
St. Patrick’s Day lands on March 17th. Out of my friends I have to sadly admit that only half of them know this because I am a really loud and obnoxious about turning eighteen, and the other half do not even know St. Patrick’s Day is next week. (This is probably and exaggeration)

Michael Valania

Today most people view this Holiday as a drinking affair where beer is bountiful and the drinking age is in non-existence. Colleges everywhere explode with parties for this affair. Penn state even has its one weekend designated State Patty’s Day to celebrate the Holiday the last week in February before Spring Break.  I am glad some people are celebrating this holiday in a fine fashion and enjoying the hype that comes along with it. But, unfortunately children and older adults around the world just shrug this holiday off because the hype is only for young adults and teens.... I think those people are farts who forgot what this holiday is all about... IT IS A CELEBRATION!!! Go out and wear green even if you aren’t Irish. It’s a perfect excuse to go wild.  Personally I love seeing everyone in green because for one day being pale and having freckles is a little less embarrassing.

St. Patrick was a bishop in Ireland in the year 432. He taught the people of Ireland Christianity in its most simplistic form of the Trinity. Now people had a difficult time understanding how three people could join as one. Cleverly, St. Patrick used the Shamrock to describe and teach the faith to all who wished to hear. Each of the three leaves of the Shamrock represented the father, son, or Holy Spirit. His teachings made him the Patron of Ireland.  Today in America there is a substantial percent of us who are Irish and would like to be recognized for our heritage. We helped make America the melting pot that it has become and brought a holiday with us to boot. Hey it’s a great reason to take a night off of work and spend it wish the family or go out and drink up with your friends.

What do you do on St. Patrick’s Day?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog #15 Graduation

We have counted and waited for the day to come,
Our hope mustered and our dreams hung,
Our thoughts linger and feelings grow even bigger,
The final days have begun.

We have longed for and wanted this day of luck,
Our minds stalwart and our eyes stuck,
Our bodies quaking and our feet shaking,
Graduation is the one.

We have been patient and pleasant for four long years,
Our brains worked and our hands grinded like gears,
Our time has come and we are ready to become,
The best and brightest St. Mark's Alum.