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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog #7 A Dream Far off...

A week to remember, a week to feel alive,
The reason we study the reason we thrive,
Our main motivation is our only drive,
To attain this week and make it our own,
The epic times better set in stone.

A week to remember, a week to feel alive!
The reason we dream the reason we strive,
Our main goal is to survive,
To attain this week and make it our own,
The choice of recklessness is lone.

A week to dream of, a week to feel alive!
Senior Week please o please come arrive,
The only goal is to feel the warm touch dive
into my life and make it its own,
This week is one week that shall always stand alone.

A Mark Burgess Original

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog #6 America's NEW Pastime

Today teens have created an entirely new game that is all the rage. People play it far and wide and will continue to in the years to follow. I am not speaking about football, soccer, or any other athletic event. I do not even think this "sport" has ever been portrayed alone on television. This game goes by many names, the most widely known name is Beer Pong.
Being 17 I have obviously never played with real beer, but you can use substitutes as in Gatorade or water. Now why is this America's new pastime? Give a teenager a football or a ping pong ball, more times then naught a teen shall pick the ping pong ball. I am not saying this transition is a very good or noble act, but recognition that this game has reared its ugly face and will continue to over time is a valid point needed to be recognized by future adults.

With all this in mind, Beer Pong is a drinking game for college youth and young adults. It is played at sporting events, tailgates, and at the occasional party. This game does not get one drunk, actually I have read that it is better because one drinks so little alcohol during the game that one cannot possibly get drunk from playing this game on the reg. This depends on how much beer actually is put into each cup, but the official website says not too much is needed.
The Beer Pong evolution, from usng paddles to hands, and widespread fame across the United States began originally at Dartmouth College in the 1950s and 60s, where it has now become part of the social stamina that college students build upon. It is a team "sport", it builds massive character and chemistry between the two players on each team. This teamwork and trust is shown in the movie "Beerfest" which portrays a group of middle-aged Americans battling against all odds and representing the USA in the world event known as Beerfest. This game is intense. It requires patience, good sportsmanship, a strong stomache (for some), and excellent hand-eye coordination.

So to continue this argument that Beer Pong has become the new American Pastime, it is everywhere... Ask almost any student at any high school, they will have some idea to the rules of this global phenom. This game has penetrated our culture on a multitude of levels. It has corrupted the youth, entered the film industry, and is even gaining fame over the internet and television. It is going to be a global phenomenon that I hope we as human beings have strong enough livers to last through.

Drink Safe and responsibly, this blog does not endorse or denounce the game it is just explaining an opinion that this game must be recognized for its existence and that in no way shape or form will it go away any time soon.

Can not tell if this is real, but these boys are clearly masters.