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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does Michael Vick deserve all the flack he has taken? Blog #5

I have been a solid Michael Vick supporter since he was a young buck. In my younger days I bought his authentic jersey and even was given his fat head to be put up in my room. Little did I know, my childhood role model spent his days off from Falcons practice training his death machines. In this instance, I am not referring to some mysterious device known to do malicious acts. I am referring to the common house pet, more formally, the puppywuppy. While Michael Vick did use the most hideous of all dogs in the pit bulls and dogs of that nature, he was still convicted of illegal dog fighting and sentenced to almost two years in prison at the United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth.

After serving his time he was released a broke and sorry man. His life had literally turned upside down from his glory days in the early part of this new century. The subject of much scrutiny and media heat, Vick rose above it all and applied for his old job. He was picked up surprisingly by the Philadelphia Eagles where he plays to this day. Upon his arrival philly fans had a fantastic way to show support for their new star... As a witness myself I read as face book statuses flowed in stating, “wow really we got that dog killing son of a b**ch”. This may have been the lightest of them. Booing followed by public media displays criticizing every little misdemeanor in Vicks life became commonplace. By his new cool attitude he rose above it all. He speaks today at schools, has been drug free for who knows how long, and is an all around good guy.

Does he deserve what he has been through? MY ANSWER IS HELL NO!!! I would like to start by saying that Roger Goodell should be fired. He doesn’t know how to do his job. Yes, Michael Vick deserved to be punished, yes he deserves prison. But, statements he made about keeping Vick on a tight leash and checking up on him from time to time are ridiculous. RAY LEWIS (Check murder section) KILLED A GUY! Literally he got away scot free and received little to no penalty... So when I stab a guy to death Roger Goodell will give me the thumbs up? Highly Doubtful. (Side note he was named the MVP of the Superbowl the following year.... great role model)    

Stallworth(Check man slaughter section) killed a guy while driving above the legal limit of alcohol in his system(.12 to be exact)... He received 30 days in prison. I am proud to say he was suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Now I ask, what has happened to our legislature? What has happened to common morality? Where is the justice? Vick should be given a medal for doing what he has and coming through it smiling. I hate the Philadelphia Eagles with all my heart, but still to this day Michael Vick is my role model for his ability to rise above the injustices that have been done to him.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog #4 Sexism in Modern Society

Sexism in modern society.... As many can be sure, I am a male. Being a male, I hold firm to the truth that man and female are compliments to one another. Women sadly are equal to men... Although they can work in the kitchen more efficiently and they wield a broom like a magic wand, they add too society just as we (men) do.
Sexism dates back as far as anyone can remember, it is the apex to all debates. Men believe they are better, and women believe just the opposite. Which is better? Dating back to historic times we have the T-Rex. When they are portrayed in movies what gender are most movie producers trying to emulate for the Tyrannosaurus Rex as it munches on a humble crocodilian? Most can agree that the T-Rex was aimed at having masculine characteristics. In movies like “The Land Before Time” children are conditioned into sexism. By this I mean that young boys generally are better at identifying with the raging monster that can’t be stopped, and girls are usually scared of the monster. Our culture supports sexism in children, and this carries over into adulthood.
This whole cover that men are strong, rugged, and “don’t give a sh**” outer shell is not real. It was created by society conditioning young men into believing that crap like being a badass and acting pompous is cool. Young women are emotional, sensitive, and cry about everything. They do this because they were conditioned by the media, movies, and parents who act this way. THIS IS THE SOURCE OF SEXISM! We are conditioned into acting like idiots (the T-Rex) so that both sexes find each other’s weaknesses and exploit them. Men believe they are better then women because they believe they are better then everything plain and simple. Girls think they are the center of attention because they feel like the world would stop if they broke a nail or had a bad day.
With this in mind I am not exempting myself from being very sexist. I think it is hilarious to rile any woman up by saying, “Shut up and go make me a sandwich”, or, “Hey, the women’s court is in the kitchen”. I get riled up myself when a girl says she can beat me in anything as well. Its human nature to pick on one another, but the general creation of sexism was our society conditioning children into taking sides and acting certain ways.
Mike Gene, I apologize for not being hilarious with this one...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog #3, Capital Punishment

Capital punishment, the death penalty, or execution is the killing of a person by "judicial process" as a punishment for an offense. Capital punishment is just what it implies, punishment for a capital offense. Today it is one of the widely controversial issues. Different countries hold different opinions, religions argue back and forth, and even in common daily conversation this truly controversial issue is brought to light.

Is Capital Punishment moral? Should it be conducted? Should we as a people stand by as fellow human beings are being killed? In my opinion, based on the new technology of today, I would condone this “lawful slaying” as deemed by the Roman Catholic Church. I truly feel that the world is just a better place without some people. Now I do not agree that everyone killed by the government was necessary, but a good amount were just and lawful.

Now in regard to this “new technology” I was referring to. In our new way of putting someone to death, it may be odd to say, but we do it humanely. It is either almost, or is a PAINLESS DEATH. Some would say that this is even too good for the criminals who are put to death! Now centuries ago when heads were being cut off left and right and you could still see the smear of blood on the guillotine from the previous killing, I probably wouldn’t have been as optimistic about this topic...

In all seriousness, I feel capital punishment is lawful. I do not believe someone who has slaughtered a child in cold blood, or someone who bombs a building full of innocent people deserves to spend another day on our Earth where they can do harm to others. I am not saying I could or would ever be the one to pull the trigger on these folks, but I am saying that they do not deserve a life in prison.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog #2, What direction should I go in for future blogs?

As many of my fellow classmates know, the majority of our future blogs will be written about topics of our own interest. For this entry I would like to hear other's opinions on the direction my blogging should turn towards.

The first possible option I am open to is discussing very controversial issues that we discuss even today. This could include the death penalty, adultery, bigamy, legal issues, and a numerous account of other interesting topics. For all entries that concern these topics I will hold an extremely strong opinion and I am sure that others will disagree making for very simple comments.

My second option would be to comment on things read in class. Honestly from previous class discussions it is relatively simple to see how I generally have an opinion concerning most things read. Now blogging about this would not stop me from being a very open and rigorous soul in class, but it gives me a chance to express my feelings in a more permanent manner. I feel this would make for a very interesting blog because if I was to say something was B.S. in class, then go home and check my blog because you can be sure I ripped so hard on the novel that Mrs. Healey's ears would bleed if she heard me talking about it in class.

My third and final idea was to comment in regard to popular movies, sports (generally NBA and NFL), and interesting things that appear on the news. Now this would not make for the most interesting of blogs, but I would always make a note to generate videos near the top of my blog that are in relation to these topics.

Comment back, tell why as well

Monday, November 1, 2010

What do I add to this class? What is your unique contribution?

You could describe what I add to the class in one simple word....controversy. This seems to fit because it appears that every other word out of my mouth is the opposite of half of my fellow classmates. In this regard, this differing of opinion adds flavor and zest to our class because it keeps things interesting and our debates are epic. My unique opinion contributes to the class by keeping Mrs. Healey on edge and it challenges the students to draw sides so we can discuss the literature read in class. My contribution can be characterized by an unmovable force of hatred of some books, by and unstoppable force of Mrs. Healey love of almost all literature. In this regard you could say that I am the antithesis to the word conformity. I hold strong to my opinion and am open to debate on all topics.
From a different perspective you could say I am the smarta** of the group. I admit I dislike almost everything I read because I am very specific on what I like and do not like. At the lunch table any food put in front of me I shall consume, put a story in front of me and I will tear apart every aspect I dislike about it. I'm very difficult to satisfy and there is no doubt in my mind that this will not change throughout the year. The arguments to come will be amazing and filled with numerous Shakespearean insults.